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LapLink a Laptop

By May_Day ·
My question is this, i have a 486 dell latitude 433M Laptop and i want to laplink it with my desktop pc at the office but the problem is the laptop's floppy drive is malfunctioning. I have to run the laplink sotfware in both computers but how will i run the laplink software in the laptop if it's floppy drive is not working ? (The laplink software is pretty small program)

Can you help me what to do. I need to copy some file from my desktop pc to my laptop pc.
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LapLink a Laptop

by pctech In reply to LapLink a Laptop

I'll give it a try. Does the Latitude have a CD Rom drive? If so, copy the LapLink disk to a computer with a CDRW and burn it to a CD and then copy it to the Latitude and run the setup. You may also be able to find an external floppy drive that will connect to the parallel port on the Latitude, if it supports this. Another method requires you to remove your Latitude hard drive and install it on the secondary IDE port of a PC, this requires a special jig, not cheap, to connect between the IDE 40 pin cable on the PC and the laptop hard drive. Should you have access to such a jig, copy the files to the laptop drive using the PC and then running the setup once you have reinstalled the laptop hard drive back into the laptop. Should your office have an IT department, they may have a jig. Being able to use it could prove to be a challenge.

I hope this helps.

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LapLink a Laptop

by Steven Lynas In reply to LapLink a Laptop

You could try Jigs... Or! You could simply get some free web space, upload the file to the web space and then download the file back to the lap-top. Easy. AND you don't waste a CD.


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LapLink a Laptop

by JackOfAllTech In reply to LapLink a Laptop

I'm going to assume your using the DOS version (5?). If so, if you use the serial link option instead of the Parallel, Laplink can install itself on the target PC. Just as with the Parallel cable, you need either a special Laplink Serial cable or a null modem adapter.


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