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How to trace a stolen laptop. Is there any method to trace it.

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Ahh, now this answer can go either way ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop

Are you an owner looking to protect your pride and joy or are you a thief wishing to avail themselves of an awareness, in order to NOT be traced with a stolen laptop??

Quandary indeed, a dichotomy you might say!

Either way - the answer is the same.

YES - there is software that enables a computer to be traced. As soon as the laptop is connected to a live internet feed, the laptop sends an email to the Parent Company of the software and also to the registered owner. The email announces 'who' the sender is and their current IP address, whereby the registered owner can then take all steps at his/her disposal for the return of said laptop.

These steps usually involve approaching their local Police constabulary and furnishing them with the details of the whereabouts of the stolen laptop. Any further action is down to the course of the Law (or not, if you happen to recognise the IP address).

The program behind this capability is buried on the laptop hard drive, usually inside a hidden folder and the control program is mounted in the boot-sector of the laptop hard drive, such that (I'm told) even a re-format of the hard drive will not shift it.

Check out this link:

It's a one-off payment and it's on my laptop as I type. One word of warning - you'll have to get used to your mailbox filling up with messages from your laptop!!

On the other hand, any laptop thief worth his salt, can avoid detection by simply replacing the hard drive before connecting to the 'net. Or never connect to the net with the existing hard drive.

Due to the increasing numbers of global theft in laptops, I reckon there will come a day whereby the detector software will be hard-wired into the laptop in much the same way as the BIOS password has been safeguarded on a SMART chip.

Sadly - that day is still some way off.


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