Laptop refuses to power on all the components except power LED light

By Makolo Herbert ·
i have a dell laptop machine.. it fell down and my key board got problems, so i decided to dismantle the machine and wash the motherboard with water and so i did, luckly, i got my key board working again... but from that time, when ever i shutdown the machine for some good time let it be 30 minutes, especially when i power it for during night. it refuses to power on all the components (fan, ROM,Screen i.e. ALL) except the power LED light (only)......
it does this for most of the times, but some times, it powers on successfully, but rarely..

i appreciate any help. thank you

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BEST performance..

by erlindacordero345 In reply to Laptop refuses to power o ...

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Dirty Computer

by TheChas In reply to Laptop refuses to power o ...

Plain water should NEVER be used to clean any circuit board. Some manufacturing processes do use purified de-ionized water and drying systems that you cannot duplicate at home.

Most likely, the water wash left behind some mineral residue on the motherboard. I would rinse the motherboard using isopropyl alcohol and make sure the alcohol fully evaporates before assembly.

You should also inspect the power supply circuits for cracks or fractured solder connections.

Finally, make sure that all connectors are properly seated when you assemble the laptop.

In addition, if you did not follow proper ESD precautions using a grounding wrist strap and work on a static controlling work surface, you may have damaged components on the circuit boards such that they do not work all of the time.


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