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My dell latitude D610 starts up but nothing shows up on the screen. Then after about 10 serconds it starts over again as if it was restarting

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Do you mean nothing at all or just no Windows display

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop

If you see nothing at all look at the Dell Service manual for this unit here

If however you are not seeing any Windows Logo you can try this.

Or try pressing the F8 Key while the Dell Logo is on the screen and holding it down till either the speaker starts sounding or you get a White On Black Screen, then using the Arrow Keys navigate tot eh Safe Mode Option and press Enter. This will start the unit in Safe Mode where you can resolve any problems with the Windows Install.


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pc repair

by fernski89 In reply to Do you mean nothing at al ...

Can not see anything gon the screen it goes black and stays that way

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to Laptop

The suggestions below may help you determine the reason the computer will not start up:

If the computer is plugged into an AC outlet, verify that the AC outlet is providing adequate power by plugging another electrical device into the outlet.

If the computer is running on battery power or is plugged into an external power source other than an AC outlet, plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. Make sure the power cord and AC adapter connections are secure.

If the computer is running on battery power:

Remove the primary battery pack and travel battery pack (if applicable) and plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. If the computer starts up, one of the battery packs may need to be replaced.

If the battery light on the front of the computer is blinking, the battery pack has reached a lowbattery condition, which may not allow the computer to start up. Plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter to start the computer and allow the battery to charge.

Check the movement of the Lid Actuator switch

The Lid Actuator switch is a small button or switch located above the keyboard near the hinge for the LCD. Pressing this switch when the computer is on may turn the notebook display off, or it may cause the notebook to enter a different power state.

Press the switch 2-3 times while observing the display. If the display does not return to normal brightness when the switch is released, the switch may be sticking and need to be repaired. If the display turns off when the switch is pressed, the power management function may be set to hibernate or turn off when the lid is closed.

It could be as simple as removing and reconnecting the connectors to the Video and the Display unit.

Mind you this is after you have checked with another Monitor to see if it isn't the Video Card if it is the card the Motherboard will have to be replaced.

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