laptop ac adapter problem

By nsj123 ·
when my computer comes on a screen pops up and says that the power adapter attached to this computer is not supported and that the computer will run on battery power and the battery will not be charged

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Are you using the proper adapter?

by w2ktechman In reply to laptop ac adapter problem

If not it may not work. If so, there may be something wrong with the adapter and it is failing. Or, there is a problem with the plug (port) on the MB, or path thereafter.

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You might need a new adapter: try

by ellylov In reply to laptop ac adapter problem

They're really affordable. The manufacturer's prices are way higher and NOT worth the expense.
<a href="">12V Power Supply</a>

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Sorry, but your post is totally wrong !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You might need a new adap ...

The above mentioned site does not list laptops as a suitable application for its product.

For instance, my laptop PSU delivers 19.4V @ 4.74A.
A 12V PSU just wouldn't cut the mustard.

Excerpt from this site:

All of the power supplies we sell are 12V DC. They take any input from 100V up to 220V AC, which is what comes out of your wall socket, and output 12V DC. This is what most digital devices such as LCD screens, DVD players, Hard Drives, Audio Gear, and most other digital devices use. We only carry 12V DC power supplies, so if your unit is not 12 Volt, you will not find the correct adapter here.


Clearly, the watch-word here is LAPTOP. The one thing that separates a laptop from all the other products these PSUs can be used for, is that a laptop has a rechargeable battery pack which must be treated with respect (electronically-speaking).


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You can't get get 17V from 12V. The problem is that Dell and other laptops

by robo_dev In reply to Sorry, but your post is t ...

Not only need the right voltage, but also need the right CURRENT.

I recently saw a Dell that was using a generic Belkin power adapter. It gives an error message/warning at bootup about the wrong power supply. Got a real Dell supply on ebay for $10 and the error goes away.

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laptop ac adapter problem

by raul In reply to laptop ac adapter problem

your laptop adapter's convertor may get some trouble, check the AC/DC voltage convertoer whether it's decline, if it's true, change your adapter.the laptop adapters usually are universal in most laptop brand.


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Not to argue but: Laptop Adapters are universal???

by robo_dev In reply to laptop ac adapter problem

Since when??

Each has it's own proprietary connector, and almost every vendor uses a slightly different voltage and current spec. Dell is different than HP, which is waaay different from Apple, and nobody is like Toshiba.

If that's universal, then I'd hate to see proprietary....

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Dell AC Adapter problem

by mark001go In reply to laptop ac adapter problem


The problem that you mentioned is in the AC Adapter. Some older Dell laptops such as the 5150, 600M, D600... use a recognition chip, when that goes bad it must be reprogrammed. What you can do is to get an original AC Adapter.

Newer models such as the Dell Inspiron 6000, 9400 don't have this problem.


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battery and adapter problem

by greenpower In reply to laptop ac adapter problem

Do you use a original battery and charger? If the original battery occuer this problem, you can contact the notebook manufactuer. If you it is a spare battery, you can purchase a new one on-line:

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