Laptop accident

By cozzy123456 ·
My notebook was switched on when a half full glass of whisky was spilt on my notebook, shortly after it was turned off and left to dry im just wondering if the is anything more i can do and how long i should let it dry for?

My notebook model is Asus G2Sc would appreciate any advice.

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It's a rough guess

by Tig2 In reply to Laptop accident

What if anything was fried. I would let it sit for at least 24 hours before trying to power it up. And I would be looking for a competent repair shop now.

Was there anything but whisky in that glass? Ice? A mix of any sort?

If it was just neat whisky, it is possible that you will be okay. The alcohol should dry fairly completely and with little residue. The unit powered on at the time of the spill may prove unfortunate. But it sounds as if you were able to power down after the spill took place. If there was anything IN the whisky such as ice cubes or a mix, that will change things.

I used to be able to fix pagers that had gotten wet by immersing the unit (sans batteries) in isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol displaced the water and dried quickly and completely. Not suggesting that you immerse your laptop, but the fact that it was alcohol MAY save you.

Don't drink and compute!

Good luck!

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Laptop woes, I know them well......

by jdclyde In reply to It's a rough guess

I had been using my ThinkPad one night while sitting in my chair in the guy cave. Set it on the small table next to the chair and went to bed, with an AV scan running.

Had a storm that night. strong winds ( starting to cringe yet? ) and the wind blew the rain in about five feet and got the laptop....

Sure, it is an old PIII 800, but as I used it primarily for email and connecting to network devices, it was a great little system.

I grabbed a "dead" one off the shelf at work (same model, T20? ) that I think just has a bad power supply, and going to see if I can put humpty back together.... ;\

Don't cry over spilt milk, but DO cry over split Scotch! :_| so at least while I am in the same boat as maybe losing a laptop, at least I didn't lose a glass of the good stuff! B-)

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Just what is a "guy cave" ? . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop woes, I know them ...

It's got lost in translation as it soared through the transatlantic ether!

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Depends on how adventurous you are

by JamesRL In reply to Laptop accident

If it were mine, I would be taking it apart into component pieces and wiping down with paper towel any damp spots. There are electronics cleaning sprays you can buy that include a solvent if its very sticky.

I would then place the components in a plastic bag(s) with as many dessicant packets as you have. These often come with electronics as they are shipped - never throw them out. They absorb moisture. I would let the packtes do their work over the course of at least a day before reassembling.


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If he can't find any dessicant packs . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Depends on how adventurou ...

Get down to your local Chemist's and see if you can buy some packets of 'Aquacell'.

These are little sheets about the size of four standard postage stamps, but they absorb moisture to an alarming amount. - I should know, I've had them attached to a surgical wound for a week now: if they'll grab blood, they'll jump at the chance of whisky!

Being little flat sheets you could insert some round the sides of your keyboard.

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Craft supply shops and florists

by Tig2 In reply to If he can't find any dess ...

I have purchased dessicant in bulk at both- it is used to dry flowers in a manner that retains their color.

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If it was a Single Malt - you are laughing...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Laptop accident

If it was a common or garden Blend you've got a moisture problem.

Invert your laptop, like a big tent.

Sit it in an airing cupboard or somewhere that is unlikely to vary much in ambient temperature.

I'd leave it there for a week (seriously).

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Low heat solution

by mjd420nova In reply to Laptop accident

Placing the unit in a low temperature oven could help to dry things out. If the drink had a mix in it, the sugar content will really complicate matters. A competent service center would have to disassemble the unit and clean it before any power restoration should be attempted.

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