Laptop Alarm lockout

By ianjoz ·
I have Laptop Alarm by loaded on my laptop. When the alarm went off without obvious reason (possible power fluctuation?), the laptop would not respond - I could not get back to the password entry screen to neutralise.

My only option as I was disturbing others in the office was to power off by pressing & holding the power key.

Now I can't turn the machine back on - obviously for security reasons.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
How was it overcome?
Or do I have to wait for the good folk at Syfer to read my email, check my bona fides, and then give me a clue?

Would appreciate any advice as I'm headed for a quiet weekend and a lot of thumb twiddling.

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by .Martin. In reply to Laptop Alarm lockout

firstly, what 'security reasons?'

try plugging in a pair of headphones, or if you can find one, a 3.5mm port filler (like a headphone jack but doesn't have any wires coming from it)

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