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Laptop Automatic Shutdown

By obetskie ·

My friend gave me his old packard bell laptop from UK. I formatted the laptop since i wanted a fresh OS install. when I inserted the XP installer and the computer begin to access the DVD drive the computer will just shutdown. Thinking that something wrong with DVD drive I tried to have a fresh OS install via USB, Unfortunately i experience the same thing but this time the computer will shut down after the driver is loaded. There was a time that it will not shutdown automatically but there are BSOD messages: 1) Error 0x000007b. 2) something like my hard drive is failing.

Action Taken:
1. I checked my HD with HDD regenerator and it's fine (no bad sector).
2. I cleaned the RAM and insert one stick at a time.
3. I checked the Cpu fan and its ok.
4. I put some thermal paste on CPU.
5. I remove the DVD drive.

after doing the above, the problem still exist.

I search the problem in the internet and i found out that packard bell has a recovery software. To make the long story short i successfully restore the factory setting of the computer and i found out that it's just a XP home edition service pack 1. Since I can't install the third-party software using SP1, i upgraded it to SP3 and it was successfully done.

I did some test by playing a video on youtube and the problem still exist.

My question now is what seems to be the problem of my laptop. Is it Mobo or RAM. by the way the battery is not charging.


Packard Bell Easynote E4 Series
Mobo: NEC Computer International, Model Rhea B
CPU: Intel Pentium M 710
Bios: Insyde Software Corp version R.1.08 (10/16/2004)
Display: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Video Controller
RAM: DDR 256 (2)
HD 40gb
Core: Intel?? i855GME North Bridge
Intel?? Extreme Graphics 2 embedded

I hope somebody can help me. thanks

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What's the Heatsink in it like?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop Automatic Shutdown

While you had the CPU Heat Sink off and replacing the Thermal Grease did you look at the Fins of the Heat Sink? They get blocked quite easily and need cleaning.

Also does the BIOS have the option to set the Shut Down Temp? If it does set it to the highest level possible and see if the unit runs longer or if it continues to shut down in about the same time frame.

Though to be perfectly honest here as the Battery is not charging I would assume that it's shot and needs replacing which could be exactly what the problem is as there isn't enough capacitance to smooth out any Spikes on the Mains Adapters Power Lead.

However you really should repost this as a Question as those who haunt the Q&A Forums may have more first hand knowledge of this particular hardware.

Try reposting this in the 'Q&A' forum. The 'Discussion' forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution. The 'Water Cooler' is for non-technical discussions. You can submit a question to 'Q&A' here:


There are TR members who specifically seek out problems in need of a solution. Although there is some overlap between the forums, you'll find more of those members in 'Q&A' than in 'Discussions' or 'Water Cooler'.

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What's the Heatsink in it like?

by obetskie In reply to What's the Heatsink in it ...

Thanks for the reply Hal 9000 and sorry for posting in a Discussion category. I reposted my question to Q&A.

The heat sink looks like this:

The BIOS doesn't have the option to set the Shut Down Temp and it has a very limited options.

Would you mind telling me which part of the heat sink has to be cleaned? And are there any more hardware/software to be checked to find a solution with my problem?

thanks a lot

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