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Laptop Battery Life

By jwking100 ·

It seems all of a sudden that the laptops we purchased just over 12 months ago are having battery failures. Not surpising given that they only have a 12 month warranty. However its causing us a few problems internaly.

One problem we have is we purchase all the laptops in bulk and then issue them throughout the year. This means that some of the laptops are in the store for a few months before being deployed. So are wasting a few months of warranty.

Does anyone have any tips on the best way to prolong battery life. Also would we be better storring the laptop charged or flat?

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Well, it's better to store the battery separately

by seanferd In reply to Laptop Battery Life

if they are going to be in storage any length of time.

But laptop batteries last about 2 years, whether used or not. Of course, anything involved here stores better in a cool, dry place.

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Exercise the batteries

by patb071 In reply to Laptop Battery Life

Users should be unpluggging there laptop i would say atleast a couple times a month and allowing the laptop to die then allow it to fully charge. Otherwise with in a year or so if you unplug the laptop from the wall it will die within a few minutes.

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Battery exercise

by NickNielsen In reply to Exercise the batteries

NiCd batteries and other nickel metal-hydride batteries do need to be exercised to eliminate memory effects.

Lithium ion (Li-OH) batteries should NOT be exercised. These batteries should not be discharged past the laptop cutoff point, and then only to recalibrate an internal "fuel gauge" if it has one.

For more information that you ever wanted to know about batteries, check out the <a href="">Battery University</a>

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Check out the Battery University

by NickNielsen In reply to Laptop Battery Life

All your battery questions will be answered there.

One of their observations is that storing the battery fully charged will reduce battery life; batteries should be stored at about 40-50% charge.

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