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laptop battery will not charge

By dt32 ·
I have a laptop which works fine but when you plug in the psu the power light on the psu flashes and the battery does not charge so eventually goes flat. i have tried a new psu and the same light flashing occurs. i changed the battery for a new one as i thought it may be faulty. the laptop ran perfect until the new battery went flat.
the flashing light on the psu makes me feel there is a short somewhere but i have no way of finding out where.
the laptop is a D41ES generic rebadged laptop, now called "notebook".
I hope somebody can shed some light on this.

kind regards


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by wcp In reply to laptop battery will not c ...

It must be the power connector on the laptop or the MB itself. Take the laptop to the service place.

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by wcp In reply to

It is certain the cause is HW.

The question is are you trying to learn how to repair or to get it fixed?

I suggest you get a service manual (if available), solder kit, and replacement part (if you know what it is) and fix it yourself with uncertain result or take it to a reputable service place and let who-knows-what-he-does do the diagnosis and repair it if the price is agreeable to you.

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by mjd420nova In reply to laptop battery will not c ...

Some laptops have a small board mounted just above the main board that serves as the power converter for charging the battery and running the unit when the battery is not installed. Will the unit work without the battery installed?? If not, then that's the problem. However some units have this converter circuitry as part of the main board and it would have to be replaced. You could check around the plug in for the PSU on the main board and see if there's a small fuse that may have blown, or the connector for the PSU on the main board has become loose or unsoldered. These mating connectoers on the main boards are know to have come loose and even break away from their boards.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to laptop battery will not c ...

OK you have a Clevo D41ES which are reasonably good units.

The manual is available here

Now for the most likely problem here the Socket for the mains adaptor is broken this most often happens when the NB is packed away with the Mains Adaptor plugged in or moved around in the same condition. As the Connector isn't on a separate Circuit Board but is part of the M'Board unless you can find a blown fuse close to the Mains Adaptor socket you are looking at a replacement M'Board but as this is a current model it should still be UG so I would pass it back to the Country/State Distributer for the necessary repairs. The other thing that can happen with the Mains Adaptor is that they fail to produce enough power to charge the battery but will produce enough to run the NB while plugged in. Though since you have tried 2 Mains Adaptors I would be looking at the M'Board as the most likely problem.

Of course if you have access to 2 Mains Adaptors & Batteries I take it that you have access to 2 of these units so have you tried one of the mains adaptors on the other presumably working unit to see if it works?

As you are not a Clevo Dealer I can not point you to the provided service manuals that they supply but even if I could it would tell you exactly the same as I've posted above. But the Users Manual is very well written and has a lot more information than the general run of the mill NB user Manuals has.


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by dt32 In reply to laptop battery will not c ...

hi thanks for your answers. i have now removed the motherboard and the short still exists. i have removed the psu input block and still the short exists on the board. Do you think there will be any way of repairing this? i have examined the circuit quite carefully but i can't see what could have shorted out apart from maybe a resistor but i can't check these without removing them from the board which would not be simple.

any help please



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