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    Laptop Battery will not charge


    by nicodemus931 ·

    Hi everyone….

    i purchased an ACER Aspire 3680 around 3 weeks ago it runs on windows vista and its been running pretty smoothly….i handle it with great care. But i now find that by battery just will not charge. i plug it in and nothing happens the indicator light does not come on at all. i tried the power cable in another laptop and it works great, but in mine it doesnt work at all anyone with solutions for this?, i’d greatly appreciate it

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      by nicodemus931 ·

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      AC input socket on Acer is broken…

      by older mycroft ·

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      Your laptop is only 3 weeks old. you will need to contact Acer for a repair under warranty.

      This form of damage usually requires a new motherboard since repairing / rebuilding the connector component is usually too time consuming.

      Left-click on ‘Start’ > Right-click on ‘My Computer’ > Left-click on ‘Properties’…the ‘General’ tab will have ‘Manufactured and supported by’ information.

      Use these details to contact the Acer support unit in your area.

      You will be given a ‘repair number’ and a courier company to contact. Give this number to the courier company. Your laptop will be collected by the courier, repaired and returned by courier. Repair time is usually 1 -2 weeks.

      The main cause for this particular failure is usually if the laptop has fallen or suffered some form of trauma while the AC plug is inserted.

      Good luck!

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        You will also need to save all your data as well

        by oh smeg ·

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        Because the first thing that will be done is the OS installed on the HDD will be blown away and the company who is responsible for the repairs will blow away all your data.

        I’ve only ever seen these sockets broken when the NB has suffered some kind of trauma as well but I don’t do much work with off the shelf systems so maybe Acer has a Design Fault with this model either way the company who repairs it will know what they are doing and how to proceed from here.


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          Actually – that’s not necessarily true…

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to You will also need to save all your data as well

          I had occasion to return my Acer under warranty and had quite a little ‘chat’ with the Tech at the other end of the phone, a 30 minute ‘chat’ – he must’ve been havin’ a bad day!

          He told me that it is Acer’s policy that the customer can remove their harddrive before returning a NB under warranty. 😀

          If you can find it, that is!

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      Me Too

      by daxper ·

      In reply to Laptop Battery will not charge

      Ya I got my laptop a few weeks ago and a few days ago i went to turn it on and it wouldn’t. i have been all over the internet and i still cant find out how to make it work. i dont know if it is the battery or what but i am getting annoyed

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      Me too but different

      by weordnessrocksmyworld ·

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      I got a new computer and my they gave me a battery and it’s not even charging at all. I’m pissed, and just so everyone here knows: Aarons is not a good place to buy laptops

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