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Laptop Bay swap

By jamesboyz ·
Hi anyone tell me the best way to fdisk/format a laptop (HP omnibook 2100) with two seperate drives.
I can get the hdd fdisk/formated whilst the floppy drive is in but when try to load the cd drivers from the floopy disk it cant find the CD Rom drive, so it doesnt load the drivers on.
so how can i get the CDrom drive to load O/Sall I get is the message
"invalid system disk ,replace disk and press any key"
I have connected the HDD to a PC and loaded the O/S but when it goes back in to the laptop no joy. I have tried several IBM 4.3 gig notebook HDD's with same problem

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Laptop Bay swap

If I understand right, the machine will work with the floppy, but not the CD. And you can't install the drivers from floppy because the system says there is no CD attached....

Try to boot with the floppy installed and copy the files to a temp directory. Swap the floppy for the CD, and then run the install.

Hope it helps

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by jamesboyz In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Laptop Bay swap

Here is a work-around that I use when I set up new systems.

Partition the hard drive.
Make sure the primary DOS partition is marked as active.

Format the hard drive using the "S" switch.
This copies the system files and makes the drive bootable.

Noe, move the drive to your desktop system, and copy the Windows CD to the drive.

Place the drive back into the laptop.
You should now be able to boot up from the hard drive.
When the DOS prompt appears, change directory "CD" to the folder where you copied the Windows CD to.
Run setup.

Windows should install and as an added bonus, you won't need swap the Windows CD in and out when installing hardware or network components.

For the drives that you have tried installing Windows to on another PC, try this:

Boot from the correct Windows startup disk.
Run the SYS command.
sys C:
This will copy over the system files and make the hard drive bootable.


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