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Laptop bios password

i have a Micron laptop with a pheonix password i cannot get pass the bios password i need help bad

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by Fudog In reply to Laptop bios password

Remove the battery, count to ten or so and put it back in.

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by Fudog In reply to

Sorry about that. The battery on the main board. That keeps system time as well as the password. It will look like a large watch battery, most likely nic-cad.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

I've seen some CMOS batteries take up to 24hrs to reset. Others instant and then some again that erquire 4hrs.You can reset CMOS by shorting the jumpers instead though.
Best bet is to remove it for 24hrs to be on the safe side. I don't think you are trying to reset the CMOS though. says;

The BIOS is a part of the operating system isstored in ROM (read only memory ) so you may not be able to erase it by taking the battery out or even by removing it from it's socket if it can only be erased by exposing it to UV light in the case of an EPROM or an appropriate electrical voltage in the case of an EEPROM.

If a bios password has been set on an award bios, and you can't get round itwithout discharging CMOS, try this one. When prompted for the password, hold down the left shift key and type AWARD_SW. Hit enter and release the shift
key, you've not only bypassed the password, you've removed it!


BIOS default passwords- backdoors.

Various keystroke to access the BIOS on bootup.

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in future

by Oz_Media In reply to CMOS or BIOS

In order to get the most accurate responses, there is a Questions and Answers category for posting questions to and getting answers from, thus the Q&A heading.

This forum is designed for discussions, not troubleshooting.
You will get more responses from the Q&A forum.

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Maybe UBCD 4 is your answer.

by Anakin-DV In reply to Laptop bios password

Try the BIOS utilities that are loaded in the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) 4. I have the same problem with my Presario V2000 and I get rid of the BIOS password.

Good luck.

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