Laptop blowing a plug fuse.

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Hi, i have had a Compaq presario f500 for many years, my wife bought me it. it works all be it as a single core but its very slow, so i decided to research updating the insides, IE:swap the single core for a dual, replace motherboard(not by me) and so on, i decided in the end to buy a replacement laptop(second hand) with a better cpu, i purchased an identical laptop with a dual core, the laptop has the exact same parts, IE: battery and power supply(which did not come with the replacement), i checked HP and confirmed my power supply was identical(numbers checked).
Now comes the rub, when i tried the laptop it didnt start up, the blue light on the ppu plug-in socket started on but went off very quick, i swapped the battery from mine and the laptop started, but still no blue light on the ppu socket.
I confirmed the laptop starts and runs into windows, from what power i had in the battery.
I swapped the battery back to mine and tried the psu and nothing happened, from further investigation it turned out the replacement laptop had blown the 5amp fuse in the plug.
This is what im facing, what would cause the laptop to **** the fuse of the psu plug, and is there a fix?

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