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    Laptop Boot Problem


    by sudheerchawla ·


    I had shutdown my laptop HP Compaq Presario C700 by pressing the power button last night. Today morning when I tried to switch it on; it wont start.
    It had windows Xp installed.

    When I started it, it shows the compaq logo screen with short-keys related to BIOS configuration. Then it shows a screen with options to select the mode of starting.
    Modes –
    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command prompt
    Latest known good configuration

    I tried all the above options but the action is same.
    It shows the Windows XP screen for 2 seconds. then flickers with a blue screen. for duration that I can make out the color is blue.

    It then restarts.

    I have tried reinstalling Windows XP again but I face the same issue even after reinstall.

    Gurus – Please help.

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      When you say

      by tintoman ·

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      you installed windows again, do you mean that you now have 2 windows installations on the same hard drive? did you delete the original installation before installing again? are you sure your machine is not still starting from the first installation of windows?

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