Laptop Brightness Fluctuates?

By jeremy ·
I just bought a new HP g4-1215dx laptop. When I'm running on battery and have the brightness turned down, I notice that as I scroll around on webpages that the brightness will change depending on what is on the screen. For example, when scrolling from a part of the page that has a white background, to a part of the page that has a black background, the screen brightness will change. It is really distracting and annoying. It does not do this if the brightness is turned up all the way. Is this machine defective, or are there some settings I could change to stop this? Otherwise I am fairly happy with this laptop, so I would keep it if I could figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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As I obviously can not see what you are complaining about

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Brightness Fluctua ...

I'm guessing that it's normal as a result of running on Battery. All Modern Note Books set the Screen Brightness to a lower level when on battery to save power.

As you are not complaining about this happening when not on battery I'm assuming that it's not happening and what you are seeing is a result of the color of the background.

To get around this go into the Power Settings and change the Level of Brightness when on Battery to Full On. This will of course shorten the time it can run on battery but it will get past the item you are complaining about.


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Reponse To Answer

by jeremy In reply to As I obviously can not se ...

I figured out how to fix this problem. I went into the power options and changed the setting for ATI Graphics Power Settings from Maximize Battery Life to Maximize performance.

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