laptop can't acquire network address

By tlavely ·
This is a Vaio pcg-grx560p running xp-pro. Here's my sad tale; I hope someone can tell me whatr I did wrong!

In August, all was fine - for the purposes of this discussion at least. Then the screen went black. A few looks through the forum said the bulb was probably bad, and a journey through some purveyors of light bulbs said hey, you can do this. So I bought an inverter (probably all that was needed) and a bulb. Took it apart and replaced both. Never ever try to replace the bulb in one of these screens! Put it back together and eventually the light came on. The computer worked, except...
It now won't acquire a network address from my Verizon router. This is true whether connected via e-net cable or wireless pcmcia card. I get a 169... address on both ports, and a report that it sends data but never receives any. The router doesn't notice either of the connections. The cable works fine when connected to a second laptop. I can't do that with the wireless card, but network connections reports that it's connected to the correct (closed) network, with good signal strength.
I've tried resetting the tcp/ip stack and looked at msinfo32 output indicating the socket is ok. What else should I try?

thanks in advance.

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