Laptop charger... blinking light and pulse. help (need help fast)

By pikleking23 ·
Ok well i just bought a new charger about 2months ago and it was working fine till today. Now it is blinking and pulsing the blue light that plugs into the laptop and the laptop is not detecting that it is plugged in. But my other charger still works (with slight problems) and the laptop DOES detect it being plugged in. What is the problem? is the charger bad again? well i need help before my laptop dies... so please answer this.

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Duplicate Post

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Laptop charger... blinkin ...
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power supply?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Laptop charger... blinkin ...

does your new charger have a power supply or AC/DC converter? maybe thats gone bad.

If not I would RMA the new changer, send it back before the Warranty is gone.

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by pikleking23 In reply to power supply?

i think it's AC/DC but i bought this one off ebay... so it doesn't have a warranty probably. You think its the charger thats gone bad?

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Sounds like it

by Snuffy09 In reply to ya

if your old one does its basic job and this one craps our on you then yeah.

I have seen problems with the changer cord, more specifically the built in AC/DC converter box (black box with a color LED, located between the female and Male end of the power cord) this box takes the hit from any AC power spikes and sags coming from your power outlets, just like a PC power supply. So if you (or pervious owner) have had any Thunder storms or Dirty power in their house the changer may have been on its last leg when it got to you.

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sounds pretty definitive-problem is w/ charger

by jerry~Beans&Bytes In reply to Laptop charger... blinkin ...

don't forget to check the strain points on the cord, might be as simple as a broken wire.
i think that soldering is easier than a warranty return any day.

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by pikleking23 In reply to sounds pretty definitive- ...

only way to do that would to be to take off the plastic coding... and I have no idea where the wire would have broke at. I've tried bending it to see if it would charge my laptop but it didn't do anything. the only way i got my other charger to work is to bend it in a certain way... so i got it all taped up till i can get a new one...

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