Laptop charger!

By pikleking23 ·
Well just recently I bought a laptop charger online off of ebay, Which this is my 3rd charger, the other two broke. And yet again with my luck this one is starting to have problems too. But this one is different from the other times. This charger I have now stops charging whenever the charger gets hot. I think... Whenever it gets hot it just stops charging my laptop and I have to unplug it, wait a while, and plug it back in and it then eventually stops working. Any ideas why I have to do this? It just recently started doing it. I've only had it for a week now...

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Are you buying name-brand or no-name power supplies?

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop charger!

Most cheap power supplies do not have any temperature-limit shutdown, that I've seen.

How hot is the charger getting?

How do you know it 'stops charging'...does it have a LED that goes off, or does the laptop charge light go out?

Have you tested the output with a meter to determine if the voltage is within normal ranges and if the power supply is, in fact, turning itself off?

What is the state of the laptop battery when this happens? In other words, is the charger simply stopping charging when the battery is full?

Can you boot/run the laptop from the supply with the battery removed?

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by pikleking23 In reply to Are you buying name-brand ...

yes, It's a cheap one. It's not name brand. the thing was only 10 bucks. So ya... ha. But it gets pretty hot. I just felt it a second ago and it was pretty hot. Hotter than it should be i would think. My first one didn't get that hot. And that was the one that came with the laptop And yes it has an LED light. It goes out and the blue light showing it's charging just stops. No the output has not been tested but i'm pretty positive it's in normal range. And it just stops charging even if the batterie isn't full.
And i haven't tried it without a batterie in.

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Power Rating AND

by TheChas In reply to Laptop charger!

For starters, do these replacement adapters have the same wattage rating as the original?

The overheating and the fact you have gone through 3 adapters lead me to suspect that the adapters are under-rated. The next time you buy one, make sure to get at least the next higher power rating. If you are using a 90 watt adapter, step up to a 120 watt unit.

Of course, it might not be the adapters, but your battery. If your battery has developed weak or even shorted cells, the current it draws will be much higher than it should be.

How is your battery life? If the run time on the battery is a lot shorter than it used to be, you might just need a new battery.

There could be other problems including dirty power at the outlet you use.


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