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    Laptop Charging point does not work


    by cliffordknox ·

    Good day

    I am a novice at this and is hoping to find some help here. I have a lenovo G550 laptop. It’s an old laptop. The charging point no longer works and does not pick up my charger anymore. I bought a new charger just in case and still nothing. My questions are is it possible to replace the charging point without to much hassle and if so where will i find another charging point? What do i even look for online? A specific name for it?

    The charging point is a small little box that has a black and red cable running from it to the main board from the looks of it.

    My apologies as i don’t know much about this stuff

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      OK goping by your description it should be a easy fix.

      by oh smeg ·

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      All that is needed here is to remove the Plug Point and hopefully it has a plug onto the M’Board which you just unplug and slip the point out of the case then take it to a Electronics store a Tandy or similar place as I’m in AU I have no idea where you are so I can not give you details of the retailers where ever it is you are and show them the bit and ask for a replacment.

      Depending on the socket it may be soldered onto the M’Board which makes things a little more difictult particuarly if you are not confident in using an Electronics Soldering Iron you could cut the wires and use heat shrink to insulate the wires after you join on the new ones.

      You really need to solder them but you could get away with twisting them together and covering them with Heat Shrink and then heating the Heatshrink to cause it to shrink and hold everything together. However they really should be soldered with an Electronic Soldering Iron and Electronic Solder which is a high content Silver Solder.

      A Electronic Soldering Iron is a low wattage iron and has a small tip so it doesn’t have a large heat Reserve which will damage the circuit board so it’s better to just twist and encase in Heatshrink if you don’t have the right tools.

      You could do the same thing to the Power Pack end as well if you can not get the same size socket as you had all you need do is change both the socket and connector provided it’s like most NB Plugs a simple 2 connect plug with the Positive Connection on the inside of the plug.

      These sockets tend to get broken by pushing the NB against something when they are plugged in and causing the plug to move in the socket till the socket stops working any more so that is what you need to prevent happening in future.

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      Go to repair shop

      by oliverjames449 ·

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      If you have already tried another charger and it still doesn’t work then go to your nearest PC/laptop repair shop and ask if they can repair it

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