Laptop Computer and Microsoft Exchange

By Bob ·
In the good old days (POP/SMTP) I could have both my laptop and my desktop pick up email, tell the server to keep it for ten days, and have a copy of incoming mail on each.

Now with Exchange it seems to be a competition between the tow to see who can pick the message first.

Occasionally both do, but most of the time it is only one.

Is there an exchange paramater I am missing?


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by benw In reply to Laptop Computer and Micro ...

Hi Bob,

is your mailbox stored locally on both machines, because i am pretty sure that as soon as Exchange delivers the mail to one of the mailbox's (Locally on the laptop or desktop) it is deleted form the server.

Maybe you could configure both your laptop and desktop's mail system (Hopefully Outlook) to only look at the mailbox on the server.

Though i am not sure how your machines are configured so if you could give some info on that i might be able to help. Info i would need is:

- Is mail being delivered to a personal Folder file (.pst) on both the laptop and desktop?

- what mail client are you using?

Kind regards,


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by Nimmo In reply to Exchange

Correct me if im going off track but you email is stored on the exchange server then pulled down to your PC/laptop whilst keeping the copy on your exchange box.

The only way it is deleted is if you delete it from your outlook client whilst online. If you delete mail offline, when you reconnect to the network outlook will Synchronise and pull down the email that was deleted along with any new emails.

the whole reason outlook will pull down a copy is so you can have a local copy and also view your emails offline.

If you configure outlook via the internet you can have your outlook updated in realtime, when ever you are online.

As for POP accounts you can setup a POP collector on your exchange box to allow exchange to collect and forwarding email from an outside POP account to your exchange account.

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