Laptop connected by VGA to LG Television - Doesn't want to work!

By shyland ·
Hi. I am trying to connect a Dell Inspiron 1720 to an LG LCD television to display a presentation. When I connect it, the TV only shows the bottom left hand corner of my laptops desktop. Cable and digital cable shows up perfectly centered, am I missing something?

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You need to go into your..

Graphics settings and select the "second monitor/tv" and up the resolution of the second monitor (being your tv). You will have to tweak your graphic card so that it becomes full screen.
Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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There is also a Key Combination to switch

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop connected by VGA t ...

Between the Built in Monitor and the external Connection. Not sure what it is with your Dell but look on the Function Keys along the top of the Keyboard for one with what looks like a TV Monitor or Computer Screen.

If the TV is connected to the VGA Socket on the NB all that should be required is to switch the Monitor tho the External Port and then play with the Video Settings to get the best picture that the TV can display.


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