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    Laptop crashes while gaming (and plugged in?)

    by ibrashka01 ·

    Laptop crashes while gaming (and plugged in?)

    So I have a Dell Inspiron 7577 gaming laptop and a few weeks ago I spilled coffee all over it, when it happened I disconnected all plugs and removed the battery to let it dry for a day or two. Later I had a sticky keyboard and the power button/fingerprint sensor (it’s on the power button) was broken. A day later the sensor was working fine again, but not the power button.

    Then the crashes began, everytime I played a game, it would crash without a consistent pattern. It would also heat up pretty fast. I decided to send my laptop to a repair shop, then cleaned it, applied new thermal paste and checked any hardware failure. They said everything was working fine, except for one speaker which was broken. I told them to leave it as it is.

    After that I played some games and for the first day all went fine, then from the second day all the problems started coming up. When I play videogames my laptop will get a black screen, then shut off or restart. I was thinking this was an overheating problem, but i undervolted both CPU and GPU. For the CPU I used XTU (-0.135mV and I tried others values too) and for the GPU MSI Afterburner.
    The crash mostly occurs is graphicly intensive games like GTA V or Just cause 3. It mostly happens when GPU is around 84° C and CPU sits around 80° C. I know these aren’t ideal temperatures, but definetely not for crashing. I don’t even get thermal throttling, my FPS in GTA V on high is around 60FPS, with occasional drops to 42 FPS when alot is happening. (explosions for example).

    The crash also happened once during regular web browsing (idle temp around 45° C) and a few times during League of Legends (my temps never go over 65° C during LoL), hence why I assume it’s not a heating problem (I could be wrong).

    These are the following procedures I tried, with no prevail:

    Clean delete and updating all drivers.

    Reinstalling Windows 10 couple of times

    Different BIOS Setting and Updating BIOS

    Undervolting GPU (MSI Afterburner) and CPU (XTU) (They slightly reduce temps, not too much)

    Different power settings, changing maximum proccesor state to 99%, 95%, 80%,…

    Scanning for viruses, I have a paid Bitdefender antivirus, found nothing at all ( did a Deep Scan too )

    Some interesting INFO that could be useful:

    With GTA V for example the GPU is at around 1600 MHz and the CPU is always locked at 2708 Mhz.

    When I’m playing without the AC charger plugged in, the cr

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