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laptop cuts internet connection

By pinkice26062 ·
Hope someone can help. This is my home network. I have 3 computers. Computer A is an hp with xp on it. Comp B is a dell with xp. Comp C is a dell laptop with xp pro on it. Comcast internet going to a linksys wireless router. From the router hardwired to comp A and to a second linksys router switch. From the router switch hardwired to comp B and a wireless access point. There is no problem with internet connection on comp A & B. The problem is when I turn on my laptop, Comp C and it finds the wireless access point, comp B loses its internet connection. I can still see and access files from comp B to comp A or C but no internet connection. I can also access the internet with comp A when I turn on comp C. Now when I access the wireless router with comp C, I lose all connections to the internet. When I shutdown comp C, it takes about 10 min to get my internet back up. I hope someone understands this and can help. Thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to laptop cuts internet conn ...

Sounds as if the WiFI Router isn't setup correctly. Since you can see Comp A which is behind the second router I'm supposing that it's set as a See Through Unit if this is producing a DHCP address as well as the first Router this could be your problem as you are getting conflicting DHCP address sent out across the network.

That's just one possibility but I would be looking at the WiFi setup before going any further.


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by jim.mathews In reply to laptop cuts internet conn ...

The one variable that you haven't described is the wireless card in your laptop. Based on the symptoms you've described, I would bet it's an Intel card (you can check your device manager to verify.) The problem is described below in both a link and a freehand description.

If, as I suspect, your wireless connectivity is via an Intel card, you'll be happy to know there IS a solution. The problem has to do with an "undocumented feature" of the wireless called PSP (Power Save Polling.) This permits your wireless device to shut off devices that it's connecting to in order to save power.

You'll need to upgrade the firmware of your router to the latest available.

You'll also need to upgrade your Intel wireless driver to the latest available (from either Dell or Intel).

Then you'll need to make the following changes to the Wireless Router Settings:

Under the Advanced Wireless Settings:
Change the VEACON interval from 100 to 50

Change the fragmentation threshhold from 2346 to 2306

Change the RTS threshhold from 2347 to 2304.

Updating the router firmware and wireless device driver will fix the problem by about 80%. The three addtional changes should make the problem "go away."

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