Laptop Dead after Surge

By mont64 ·
I have a Compaq Presario v2310us. The 90w power adapter lights up when free, but goes out when plugged into laptop. I bought a 65w adapter that stays lit either way, but it wont cut on. Both batteries 4400 and 8800 mAh are drained and will not charge. I had a bldg power outage 2 wks ago in my bldg. with battery and charger on and downloading all nite. The next day, nothing would fire up. I took the bottom off the laptop and nothing looks burned and all the connects are secure. Sprayed out the fan that used to do the trick. Tomorrow will try a new CMOS; but
what could it be, short of a new machine?

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Have you tried the adapter

by seanferd In reply to Laptop Dead after Surge

without a battery in the laptop?

Aside: Is the new adapter proper equipment specifically for the laptop? If not, this can be bad.

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tried adapter but smaller wattage than original working one

by mont64 In reply to Have you tried the adapte ...

tried 60w adapter that is specific to the compaq. yet compaq worked fine for months with the 90w adapter. have heard that any new adapter should equal the one that worked; however the original still shows blue LED when plugged into surge and wall- it just goes out when plugged back into laptop- battery or not.

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This will be because it is no longer

by OH Smeg In reply to tried adapter but smaller ...

Capable of producing sufficient power to run the NB and it just is overloaded when it gets plugged into the NB.

As for the 60 W one if that is what was supposed to come with the NB then it's fairly obvious that the NB has also taken a Hit and has suffered damage that doesn't require components to **** Up if the Internal Tracks inside a Integrated Circuit get burnt out that IC is now dead.

If I had the NB apart I woulds be looking for failed components in the Power Supply Circuits and to do this you need a Multimeter and the knowhow in how to use it. Start with Diodes and any Fusible Links and work your way from there till you find the failed components.

If you are not comfortable with using a Multimeter your only real option is to take the unit to a NB Repairer and they will most likely suggest replacing the M'Board because most places do not have the correct equipment to repair M'Boards and when you consider that these things cost in excess of 40K + the consumables it's not hard to understand why so many places just replace failed M'Boards.


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power controller

by edwardspratt In reply to Laptop Dead after Surge

I would guess that it is the power controller. That is the unit on the motherboard that tells the computer to charge the battery, stop charging it, switch to wall power and is what is called on when the little icon lights up on your toolbar.

Something to try:

take out battery and unplug then press power button for a while. Check that the memory is seated right. Now leave battery out and plug in and try to turn on.

BAD News: if the connection to the laptop is touching correctly (and was not kicked or stepped on when you were not looking) then the power controller is not fixable without doing a whole mobo removal.

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