Laptop "dead"

By testrider78 ·
I recently replaced a LCD screen and keyboard for a customer. Toshiba Satellite A55 S326. It was working after the replacement was made. The next day I powered it up and it would not turn on. I am stumped. I have tried booting without the hdd in place, without the battery and just the power adapter. The LEDS light up for the power adapter, battery, and the system light. The hdd LED however will not light. It will not make a normal startup sound, and will not show anything on display. I left it on that day to let the LCD 'burn-in" for about 2-4 hours. I am lost as to what the problem could be, whether it be the mobo is fried, or the cpu. Is it possible that the laptop was overheated and locked up? I hope someone could shed some light as I don't give up easily. Thanks.

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Double check all connections

by mjd420nova In reply to Laptop "dead"

Open the unit up again and double check all of the connections to the system board again. Something may have come dislodged during the previous service. I have seen some converter boards fail shortly after the LCD's have been replaced and it wouldn't surprise me that the LCD may have developed a short that has faulted the converter or has forced it to fail.

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Darn, Nova... You're good!!!

by Tig2 In reply to Double check all connecti ...

I love it when I think like YOU! Usually you're way in front of me- this time you just answered faster!

Test Rider- Let us know how you go. And if my buddy here is right, remember to give him a Thumb!!!

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dead lap

by vadivel.murughan In reply to Laptop "dead"

would give nova a double thumbs up...as when ever lap goes for a service some hdd wires could be loose..
always happens..
better u got to check every thing at the service desk itself ..since i burnt my fingers in these cases..

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