laptop disconnects from network

By simple-minds ·
I have a Toshiba TECRA Centrino laptop XP Pro., 512MB, 40GB. Outlook 2003. It has a docking station.

The laptop disconnects from the network at around 3:30 to 4:00pm everyday. And sometimes it will have an error "insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service". I've scanned using A/V and Anti-spyware and it's clean. I checked the task manager CPU usage, every 30secs. or so the cpu usage jumps between 92 to 95%. I also checked the System Configuration, Startup tab and made sure nothing unsual is running.

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Do you have any scheduled services applied to your system?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to laptop disconnects from n ...

If this always happens between 15.30 and 16.00 everyday, there is probably something in your system that is set to activate at that time.

What is the laptop usually doing at that time of day anyway?

You could utilise Task Manager at the problem time period and watch the Processes tab to find what is grabbing your processor cycles.

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RE: Do you have any scheduled services applied to your system?

by simple-minds In reply to Do you have any scheduled ...

I don't have any scheduled service applied in my system.

The laptop is being used at our office Outlook 2003 is open, to send and receive emails. Word, Excel and Acrobat 6.0 might be open at times. And you will notice in your task bar that Outlook is disconnected.

I checked the Task Manager and there is a service that comes-up every 30 to 40 seconds it called HPBPro.exe and as soon as it pops-up the CPU usages shoots up between 95%-97% for 3 seconds.

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Same issue - access to network drives lost

by alocnen In reply to RE: Do you have any sched ...

I've actually got a similar issue with one laptop. It's a Dell D610, newly built (ghost image) running WinXP SP2. Same scenario, right around 3:30-4:00PM the network drives drop out. I've tried to reconnect using "net use" or even re-mapping the drives but I get an error saying there is insufficient system resources to complete the requested service. No jobs run at that time.

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