Laptop Display Issues - Motherboard or Other?

By CapturingLife ·
So, one of my older laptop screens went haywire on me. It boots up with all sorts of colors and lines. It will hook up to an external monitor just fine. I checked all cables, etc and they are seated and no visible damage. Would you assume that I should change the display screen?

Since it displays on an external monitor, does that mean the "video card" on the motherboard is most likely fine?

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RE: Since it displays on an external monitor, does that mean the "video

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Display Issues - M ...

Yes the Video Card is defiantly Fine though it may break down when it gets hot. Many NB's do this because they are not kept cool enough.

As for Monitor Issue if the monitor doesn't look Dark then you have to replace it. Most likely the Controller Board for the Monitor but it may be a Leaking Inverter that is causing the Controller Board to go screwy.


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Laptop brand?

by Jellimonsta In reply to Laptop Display Issues - M ...

I have seen this issue with 3 or 4 IBM laptops in the past. In each occurrence it was the lead up to a dead video card. Unfortunately, on the IBM laptops we had, that meant a dead MB so pretty much a scrap laptop.

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by CapturingLife In reply to Laptop brand?

It's a Compaq C300 - I should've said that in my original post, sorry!

I just don't know if I want to spend the $100 for a new display if there's a chance that it's not the culprit.

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Considering the age

by Jacky Howe In reply to Laptop Display Issues - M ...

of the Laptop it may work out cheaper to let it end its days connected to an external monitor. Bit hard to lug around but if it's in a fixed spot it should be OK.

You could even try reseating the Video cable.


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by NexS In reply to Laptop Display Issues - M ...

If it displays on a monitor fine then it's not the video card, it's either a dead lcd screen or connection TO the screen... if it's worth your time to pull it apart and check the connections, then go for it, otherwise it would be a warranty job; get a new screen and fit it.

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