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Laptop display problem

By rmetzler074 ·
First off. I am running an Alienware 2.7 Ghz laptop , 512 meg RAM, Mobility Radeon 9000 128 meg video card, Windows XP home ed.

Today, while I was playing warcraft the game looked as if it bugged. The graphics scrambled and while it was visually neat to look at, it was impossible to play. I quit out of the game to find it was not only the game that had malfunctioned, but also the Desktop. It now looks as if there is a blue / plad looking pattern that seems to pulsate and flicker. I restarted the computer hoping that might remedy the problem, but the same scrambled thing happened at POST and also affected the Windows load screen. I assume it has to be the video card but i would also like additional opinions. I called Alienware tech support, but they gave me the runaround wanting more money for an additional service warranty. I plan on reformatting the system but in all honesty i dont believe that will fix anything. please help. thanks :-)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop display problem

Well before you do anything rash try scanning it for Virus and Mal Ware that just may cure your problem.

Also if you predominately play games on this the various games can corrupt the Windows Installation and particularly adversely affect the Video Drivers so I would first download the latest Video Drivers and try installing them and if you have the most recent delete then and allow the vid to run on Windows Default and see if the problem exists.

Also of you have the ability to attach an external monitor try that as the LCD monitor could have gone bad so you need to check that out as well.

If nothing works then download The Ultimate Boot CD from


Make a copy and then make your NB boot from the CD/DVD drive and run the various diagnostics that will tell you if you have any hardware problem. :)


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by NZ_Justice In reply to Laptop display problem

try pluging your laptop into a monitor, if it boots up in that then your sweet. With the monitor plugeed in adjust the refresh rate to low 65hrz and try booting the laptop again. Also if it works on the monitor use the monitor go to blizzard.com and goto there support section and click on the display drivers and try get the latest updated driver for your video card.

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by statykserver In reply to Laptop display problem

I don't think reformatting your HD will fix anything and it does seem to be the video card. You might try another video card to test this if you have one available. Try upgrading the driver for the video and another thing you could do is check the bios video settings and maybe lower the settings a bit and see if that helps you. Since you are also having this problem at POST you might have to replace the video card.

Good Luck

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by mjd420nova In reply to Laptop display problem

I suspect that the LCD display driver board has
gone off to left field. Hooking up the external
monitor will give you a good display. Sometimes
there's a board mounted on the main base and/or
located in the top half with the display.
Sometimes and only if it's been dropped?? will
a connector come loose.

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PLEASE HELP Laptop LCD appears for few seconds then Blank

by karamjokhio In reply to Laptop display problem

I have a Compaq laptop, when I start, it shows only COMPAQ logo for 2-3 seconds then LCD goes blank but system starts booting properly. When I attach external monitor it works properly but laptop LCD is creating problem - please help

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