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    Laptop doesn’t see my router but sees all others


    by nikkilein ·

    I have never seen this problem before… I own a store and have an Xfinity router/modem, one hardwired desktop PC, and a Sony Vaio laptop. The laptop has been connected to the xifinity wifi up until yesterday when a network cable was accidentally unplugged. Today, when I plugged the network cable back into the router, I was able to see the network on my iPhone and iPad, but NOT on the laptop. I tested by trying another laptop, and WAS able to see the xfinity SSID. So, the Vaio is the only device unable to see the router. The weird thing is that the Vaio sees every other router in range in the area. In short, I have a laptop that can see all routers except ours, and every other device can see our router. Is there some setting on the laptop that could have changed on its own when the network cable was disconnected? Anything else I should check?

    Vaio is running Win 7 Pro 64-bit. If you require any more specifics, please let me know.

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      by nikkilein ·

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      What have you tried so far?

      by slayer_ ·

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      Things like:
      Restart the computer
      change the router name
      program the connection manually into the laptop’s preferred networks
      clear out the preferred networks

      And other things like this.

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        by nikkilein ·

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        I have restarted the computer many times. The router’s name cannot be changed as it’s set by Comcast Business Class Xfinity WiFi. They set the equipment up, and in order to log in, you go out to the internet, and you’re automatically redirected to the Comcast and sign-in page. That’s what allows you to access the router. It isn’t the same as setting up a router by entering the SSID and WPA information. I tried calling Comcast directly, but since all other devices see the router, it’s obvisouly a problem with the laptop, so they weren’t willing to troubleshoot further unless I sign up for an additional service with addtional charges.

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      Try re-instaling the drivers

      by rsmiedy ·

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      Try plugging in a network cable to the laptop and if that works go to the site and get the latest driver. If you can not acces the internet via that method get a flash drive, go to the desktop pc, plug the flash drive in to the desktop pc usb port, go to the xfinity website, enter the laptop’s model number and then wireless driver, it will look something like this (laptop model number) wireless driver, find the most up to date driver and download it, then move it to the flash drive. WAIT FOR IT TO TRANSFER. When it is done transfering unplug the flashdrive. Plug the flash drive into the laptop usb port then start the laptop if you haven’t already. Wait until it is done instaling the Flashdrives driver. When it is finished, go to the flash drive files and move the driver to your desktop. Then double click the driver note the name and location the folder it creates. When it is done downloading go to the device manager in control pannel under the security option. The find the wireless driver and double click it. Update it manualy. Type the name and location of the folder it created and then hit enter, it should update. When it updates succesfully restart the laptop. If it still does not connect to the router than bring it to a repair shop.

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