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laptop driver

By yorembrace ·
HI...I am looking for a driver for a Maxtech laptop..anyone know where I might find one?
Thanks :)

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by dbgirl In reply to laptop driver

First: Did you try
Second: Driver for what? Your question was kinda vague.

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by yorembrace In reply to ...

Yes aactually that was the frist place I went..adn then to many other driver sites...I am looking for the PCMCIA driver.

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by dbgirl In reply to driver

What is the manufacturer of the PCMCIA card?

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by yorembrace In reply to manufacturer

Ibelive its an Award 4v.51 pg...thanks for replying :)

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Have you tried their website yet?

by dbgirl In reply to Manufacturer

Have you tried the website for the PCMCIA card manufacturer?

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Who is user deleted?

by Ver Holipaz In reply to Have you tried their webs ...

Go to the Contact Us pages on the site, bottom of page, then go to Discussions and send an e-mail to customer support providing the URL and your e-mail address from your account. They can fix this User Deleted issue for you. It's where your sessionsexpired before you completed your post.
Just thought I'd let you know how to fix it.

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