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By Michael34 ·
I have 2 laptops (A Dell Latitude LM Model TS30GI) and a Compaq Armada 1700 I was wanting to upgrade the hard drives on them to a 20 GB but the question is what would I need to look for compatabiliy wise? I seen a generic drive
http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/SubCategory.asp?SubCategory=380&page=2 but the question is would it fit and work in both of those model of computers as I have searched around but I could not find any specifications on what type of hard drive they take and I am wondering if that one would work as a replacement (I just want to make sure it has enough pins and so forth)

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3 Factors

by TheChas In reply to Laptop Drives

The 3 critical factors for selecting a hard drive are:

Form Factor

Physical Size

Digital size

For almost all laptops, the form factor is a 2.5" IDE hard drive.

The physical size is the maximum drive height that the drive bay can accommodate.

For the Compaq Armada 1700, that looks to be 12.7mm. Based on details in the service manual I found on HP's web site.

Digital size is the maximum drive size the BIOS on the system can address.

You can often work around this with utilities from the drive manufacture.


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The other thing that you need to look at

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop Drives

Is the power requirements of the HDD's. But the newer ones generally speaking use less power than the older ones so that shouldn't be a problem but as Chas has said the Physical Size is Important as the new drives are 9 mm High and if you have one of the 12.5 mm ones the new drive may not fit into the holder and allow the Interface pins to line up correctly as the drive is plugged in.

Otherwise it should be an easy modification though personally I prefer not to use a HDD that is bigger than one supported by BIOS as unless you know what you are doing you can get into a lot of trouble and not have a working NB. Keep in mind that the smallest new NB drive that you can currently buy is 40 GIG and if you know what you are doing you can go to the biggest freely available one of 120 GIG capacity but you need to know that the setup gets messy when using a HDD bigger that is supported by BIOS.


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