Laptop dropping off wi-fi during video calls.

By aidanramsden ·
Tags: Microsoft, Linux
Can anyone help with the following? Laptop keeps dropping off the internet during Zoom, Skype, Teams and Facebook video calls. It’s fine when streaming live TV, etc. so isn’t a bandwidth issue. It’s only a problem during video calls.

I have looked at the following, none of which have solved the problem.
- Firmware on Wi-Fi router is up-to-date.
- Checked Wi-Fi channel being used - I’m the only user on the channel I’m on.
- Used network trouble-shooter.
- Run network commands to do something I don’t understand.
- Network driver software is up-to-date.
- Changed network driver settings to not apply any power saving settings.
- Replaced microfilter.
- Used Ethernet cable from router.
- Vodafone confirmed that internet is working fine to the house.
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