Laptop dropping off wi-fi during video calls.

By aidanramsden ·
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Can anyone help with the following? Laptop keeps dropping off the internet during Zoom, Skype, Teams and Facebook video calls. It’s fine when streaming live TV, etc. so isn’t a bandwidth issue. It’s only a problem during video calls.

I have looked at the following, none of which have solved the problem.
- Firmware on Wi-Fi router is up-to-date.
- Checked Wi-Fi channel being used - I’m the only user on the channel I’m on.
- Used network trouble-shooter.
- Run network commands to do something I don’t understand.
- Network driver software is up-to-date.
- Changed network driver settings to not apply any power saving settings.
- Replaced microfilter.
- Used Ethernet cable from router.
- Vodafone confirmed that internet is working fine to the house.
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Laptop dropping off wi-fi during video calls

by Ngeza12 In reply to Laptop dropping off wi-fi ...

I have a similar problem and I use Teams and Jitsi. As soon as I go onto this Video calls then my laptop loses wifi connectivity to my router and in the meantime my phone remains connected on the same wifi. It's as if the issue is more to do with Video applications on wifi because like you said there are no issues with playing Netflix or YouTube except for Video calling which is frustrating. I also update my Wireless LAN driver but no change.

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