Laptop fan and cpu usage spikes

By MavisCY2004 ·

I understand that the spinning/running of the laptop fan could be due to certain processes running. From the Task Manager > Processes tab - how do i determine what processes are causing the spikes? And resulting in the constant spinning/running of the laptop fan?

Please advise?

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NB Fans that cool the CPU should run 100% of the time

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop fan and cpu usage ...

Though the speed can change as the CPU gets hotter the Fan needs to run faster to provide more air to cool the CPU.

Under normal circumstances all that you need do is open the Task Manager and then click on the Process Tab and left click 3 times on the CPU Tab to move the Process that are using more of the CPU's Resources to the top. Just take a note of the running processes with the highest numbers to the right of the name. Those are the processes that are using most of the CPU and causing it to get hotter.


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