Laptop fan problem

By ralphchas ·
I have a Dell Latitude C610 laptop running XP. I have had this for a few years now and it runs well. Recently I noted it very hot on bottom and fan not running. shop wants $65.00 to clean it out and says that should fix it. I tried blowing it out with canned air and using small vacuum to try to suck out any lint. Do you have any advise for me short of taking it into the shop? I do nolt want to attempt repair myself. I thank you for your excellent help in the past. Member for abt 4 years now.

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Well first things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop fan problem

Edit your post and remove your E Mail Address. It will get harvested by the Bots roaming the Net and your In Box will be flooded with Spam.

As for the FAN these things fail. I personally insist that a Cool Pad like this is used under every NB that I sell. I will not provide Warranty without one.

That is a 2 hour replacement for business users. If they don't want a cool pad which stops the crud being sucked into the NB they get to call the maker and wait for them to do whatever it is that they do.

If you have used Canned Air to attempt to Blow it out that's about all you can do so your only option if you don't want to pull it apart is to take it to the shop.


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Reponse To Answer

by Jonno-the-First In reply to Well first things first

While it may sound a bit rough, I usually use a common air compressor. This clears out all dust and crud, and hasnt damaged any of the laptops to the present day. As well as working out the fan to max revs till its clean. Do not apply full pressure and use a pressure youre comfortable with.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well first things first

The only problem with using a Compressor

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The only problem with using a compressor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop fan problem

Is you have to prevent the Fan from Spinning.

If you allow the Fan to spin it starts generating Electricity which will damage the NB. It's a simple Dynamo which is effectively what used to be used on some English Cars called a DynoStart. It would act as a Starter Motor to start the engine and then with the engine running it was the Dynamo to generate the electricity to recharge the battery.

The 3 Cylinder Sunbeams where great at using this.

Anyway the point is you have to stop the fan from spinning because any electricity that it generates is Unregulated and will cause damage.


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