Laptop freezes

By gcinaphi ·
My laptop freezes on windows XP after I've entered my username and password. We've tried fixing this by formatting the harddrive and reinstalling the OS but in vain. We first installed windows 2000 then XP. We are, however, able to logon onto the safe mode. Could this be a hardware problem? If yes, what exactly? If there's a hardware diagnosing software that I can use, how will I install it since I'm only able to logon safe mode and not normally?
Please come to my rescue.

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by jdmercha In reply to Laptop freezes

I've never trusted OS upgrades. Why'd you install 2000 first? I would go back and reinstall a fresh copy of XP. If that fails, you might have a bad CD.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Laptop freezes

It sounds like faulty ram.Xp is a more powerful os and uses a big chunk of system resourses.If your ram is faulty this is the result.Windows 2000 does not user that amount of resourses in comparison to xp so does not access the chip on the damaged module.I would download some benchmarking software to test your hardware

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Also depending on the age of the NB

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop freezes

IT may not be XP Compatible. Even if it was originally sold as XP Compatible it may not be SP2 XP compatible as there where quite a few changes introduced in SP2 that stopped many XP Compatible Computers.

The ability to start in Safe Mode tends to point to this as in Safe Mode you are not loading all the drivers or software that you do in normal mode so it's possible that that NB will not work with XP.

But just to be sure as M$ no longer has an XP compatible tool available you can run some diagnostics off the Ultimate Boot CD available here

The first test to run is a RAM test to make sure that the RAM isn't breaking down and then some of the other Testing Utilities.

Also if you are using an upgrade version of XP you can install it directly from a clean HDD that has been wiped with something like Boot & Nuke available here

Wipe the HDD and then boot off the XP CD and when you are asked for the older version of Windows insert the Y2K CD and then when it accepts the older version replace the XP CD and finish the install. It should work much better that way if the system will work with XP.


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