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    laptop freezes then unfreezes


    by mckevitt ·

    I have a hp elitebook running windows xp. The problem is that it freezes at random times and when using any program (anything from excel to IE). Sometimes it will freeze for a split second and other times it will freeze for 5 minutes. Any Ideas as to why?

    i have been making notes of the apporx time it has been happening and then checking the event logs and nothing appears to be showing.

    Any help will be much appreciated.



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      by mckevitt ·

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      Laptop Freeze

      by d.gore ·

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      Try looking at the Windows Task Manager – Processes sorted by CPU % – which process is showing the highest use of the CPU…?

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      check for

      by rajeshskganesan ·

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      first clear those common issues like virus or malfuctioning software that was recently installed.
      reboot then press f8 to safe mode and check if the system freezes in safe mode(if works normaly in safe mode its just 90% software issues like bad drivers,improper shutdown during windows update, malfuctioning softwares .
      when(time duration) the system freezes check if the harddisk activity light is lite up solid (rather blinking/off); if its solid lite and taskmanager show 90% to 100% cpu utilisation its mostly 70% issue with harddisk or ram – do inbult hdd self test and memory test. if you have 2 ram sticks try running the system with either one of it .

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      Lap Top Freezes

      by rafaelrivera ·

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      Happen to me,I remove the CPU Fan clean the thermal grease and apply a new coat
      of grease.That finih the problem

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      Laptop Freezes

      by magic1 ·

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      Try running a memory diagnostics. Sounds like a memory issue. You also may need more memory in your laptop. Your lack of information doesn’t give much to go on…

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