Laptop Go Bonkers and Unstable, Shut Down by itself

By garycheam ·
i have a laptop in my hand.it is HP brand. the problem is, sometimes, the LCD dim to very dark while working with it. and then the laptop will SHUT DOWN itself. note that i stated shut down, which means it will go thru normal shut down procedure (as i can hear the windows shut down sound), not turn off suddenly.

when turn the laptop back on, the screen is very dark. the backlight isn't functioning i guess.

BTW, the clock battery on the motherboard is spoilt which i can confirm by the date and time will change automatically even though while the laptop is turned on.

will the spoilt battery cause the LCD problem? i know HP always got inverter problem, but hopefully this laptop's not. ..

i dont think the clock battery will cost much. and if the inverter spoilt too, wuts the price?please PM qouted price for both items.

owh, forgot to mention, it happens only sometimes and intermittent..
sometimes can use, sometimes the problem occur..

this laptop is not turned off for almost one week already. hopefully the problem isnt continuous. seems the problem have not occur for almost one week already

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re: laptop goes bonkers..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Laptop Go Bonkers and Uns ...

First, we don't quote ANY prices here. We don't sell the items. You'll have to search for those yourself. You can start at www.hp.com.

Now, when the screen dims and the laptop shuts down, it's doing exactly what it should do. The battery has run itself down to where the computer must shut off to protect the operating system.

The clock being wrong doesn't necessarily mean the clock battery is dead. Some newer laptops charge the clock battery FROM the laptop battery. So, if the laptop battery is run down, the clock battery won't keep up.

Are you plugging it in to charge it? Will the battery accept a charge? Can you see the battery light turn orange to indicate it's charging? Does Windows report the battery is low and charging when plugged in?

To me, everything points to either, (1) bad connection from the cord to the computer, (2) bad battery that won't hold a charge, (3) bad cord (inverter?), or (4) all three.

Check the HP web site for any notices of recalls for your particular model, then search for battery replacements if that's what is indicated by your testing.

By the way, the computer isn't bonkers, yet! But, it will be if you don't get the situation fixed before the OS becomes so corrupt you can't fire it back up again.

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