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Laptop hangs on opening attachments

By stultir ·
OK the setup is as follows:
Dell D400 laptop
Win XP, Office XP
Up to date A-V etc.

When the user uses a dialup connection from home her system works fine until she tries to open up any attachments from outlook - when that happens the machine hangs and can only be resurrected by killing outlook in task manager.
User is fine when working on the lan.
No obvious processes/apps appear to be conflicting with outlook - event logs don't give any info on this.
Any ideas?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Laptop hangs on opening a ...

Slow connectivity is the issue. The user is having to download the file to the dial-up connected system to open it. This is perfectly normal behavior.

If the user wants the file to download faster, then a faster connection is required, such as DSL.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Laptop hangs on opening a ...


I would assume that the attachment has already been downloaded, otherwise the message cannot be read because the mail message would be incomplete (assuming the mail is being downloaded from a POP3 box).

Has the user tried to uninstall and reinstall Outlook? And are all the updates applied? Also, is WinXP fully updated - especially Internet Explorer?

Good luck

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by RG11 In reply to Laptop hangs on opening a ...

Dial up is slow. Her attachment is probably big and when you think it is froze, it is actually downloading the attachment.(my wife says the same thing--something is wrong with the computer, NO- it just dial up). Let it sit for 30 minutes and see if it eventually opens up. If your downloading a 2MB attachment, it can take 15-20 minutes to download on some dial up connections. Click on send/receive and watch the progress bar of your new emails that your receiving.

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by stultir In reply to Laptop hangs on opening a ...

OK this has been an example of Assumption being the mother of all screw ups.
I've just got to the bottom of the problem - it turns out the machine belonged to a business unit with an OU not normally used by laptops - as a result offline files etc. and outlook ost files were not enabled by default!
Needless to say I have rectified this while the user is in the office and synch'd all her files.

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by jbmcnair In reply to Laptop hangs on opening a ...

I would understand slow connectivity with ISP use, if it's work related I would have techs setup unit for RAS access or progress to DSL connection for faster response.

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