Laptop hangs with power cord plugge in

By K861974 ·
Am using a Toshiba Satellite M200 with Windows 7 installed. Oflate my system hangs whenever i plug in the power cord. It runs without any trouble on battery. Cooling fan was cleaned, RAM checked, HD was removed and ran with Ubuntu Live CD to rule out HD problem. Firmware/BIOS uptodate. Power cord/Adapter changed. Still the problem persist. Either the system/HD freeze or the display garbles up with power cord plugged in. Checked Toshiba forums, but to no avail. Anyone has any idea what could be wrong with my laptop. As the service/support entails a cumbersome process here (online registration and so on, not to mention the cost) I would like to know what to expect out of service from an authorised tech before giving it for service. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks well in advance.
PS: Memory test,HD test, Temperature of the Core processor, driver updates, everything resulted in no error reported.
Centrino Dual Core, Phoenix BIOS, 120GB HD,Windows 7,Transcend 2GB RAM....any more information please let me know and will forward the sys info as I cannot mention everything here.

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Immediately or after a time period?

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Laptop hangs with power c ...

Does it work fine and after 20 minutes hang during a work project, or does it hang immediately and go to a completely black screen? Does it hang during a specific application? Does the power symbol come on at the bottom when it is plugged in? (You might want to enable this to check it, in the power options). Have you plugged your cord assembly into a different power socket? (Sounds dumb but sometimes this actually is a factor).

From what you've described, I would guess there is something wrong with the jack interface on the internal power supply, if you've changed out the cord, and it might be going into power saver mode (if it is going to a black screen or shutting down).

Unfortunately I can't tell you how Toshiba's warranty/repair experience is, as I've not had to use them. (Which is why I tend to buy Toshibas, they have generally worked very well for me) but perhaps another poster can.

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by K861974 In reply to Immediately or after a ti ...

The time varies from immediate to some quarter of an hour to hang. And the display doesn't go black. It gives out garbled display. Verical or horizontal lines or combined, both in colour and b/w. Power on LED indicator is on when plugged in. And I checked plugging in different socket as I suspected my power supply could have some leakage in earth. No use. Perhaps as you said I might have to try changing the Power jack. I haven't tried it yet since it is embedded. Let's hope...Toshiba sucks really. Could have gone for a cheaper ones had I known laptops would entail such troubles. Anything goes wrong it cost you a fortune and that's laptop.
I appreciate your immediate response Juanita. Thank you.

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Does it

by mafergus In reply to Laptop hangs with power c ...

show the same behaviour running off the live cd? that would isolate the problem as hardware based, vs the os, but it sounds like you may have a problem in the Motherboard circuit that does the switching from battery to the external power. It may be slow in switching or have an issue filtering out any interference coming from the external supply.

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no avail..

by K861974 In reply to Does it

I tried removing the HD and running the Ubuntu Live from USB, it worked for an hour and then again the same old issue of display getting corrupted,garbled. If with HD connected it freezes the HD. If removed monitor/display garbles and hangs.
Surprisingly it works fine in Safe mode and DOS even with the power cord plugged in and charging, no issues then. This led me to believe that there may be issues related to the firmware, BIOS and I tried low level formatting with Active Kill Disk, installed new set of windows, but everything comes to a nought in the end. Problem persist. As you suggest if it is the pwer circuit switching problem what is the solution? Should I have to change the motherboard( forgive my impertinence..lol) ...am persisting in finding out the problems myself because laptop service cost me half the price of a new desktop here. Also am not sure how honest the techs would be in charging me. Here it is a common practice with any service to bloat the cost by saying the components are replaced. ...thanks dude for the response.

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I would look into the motherboard

by mafergus In reply to no avail..

I don't have the scematics for that, but that is where I'd start. If it works in safe mode, then it could be something with the system calls when power management is enabled.

If you can get another motherboard, I'd try it.

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