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Laptop hard disk upgrade

By Scoopsowl ·
My laptop is currently fitted with a 20GB ata-5 hard drive. I would like to replace this with a 40GB drive but the one I have seen is an ata-6. Are these compatable?

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Yes. An ATA6 drive is backward compatible with an older ATA spec. You shouldn't have any problem.

Other considerations:
1. Physical size of new drive vs. space in your notebook.
2. Some notebooks use a bracket commonly called a "caddy". The HDD is attached to the caddy and the caddy is attached to the notebook. If your notebook uses a caddy, you will either need to reuse your current caddy or obtain another that physically fits your new HDD.
3. Bear in mind that there are several standard physical sizes for notebook HDDs. They are all the same height and width. But, the thickness varies: 9.5mm, 12mm, 17mm, and 19mm. This is not an issue on desktop HDDs that are typically all 1" thick.

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