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Laptop Hard Drive died

By jdance4fun ·
My Dell laptop hard drive died, is there a way for me to connect an external hard drive to it to boot up, then get my data off it??

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That depends

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Laptop Hard Drive died

If your laptop will boot from an external drive via USB or Firewire, you should be good to go. If not, you may be able to connect a thumb drive, boot from a CD or DVD, and then move the files. You can also get an inexpensive adapter that will allow you to connect your laptop drive to the IDE cable in a desktop computer.

All of this assumes your problem is witht the hard drive controller or the boot sector, and that the HD isn't totaled.

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HD totaled??

by jdance4fun In reply to That depends

How would I know if it was totaled? It won't boot up...

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Try it the other way around.

by Fred123456 In reply to Laptop Hard Drive died

If the HD is an IDE drive you should be able to find a converter to allow you to connect the drive to a regular IDE cable. Plug in to a working PC and set it up as a slave drive.

Then try and pull your data off..

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But what about password protected data

by denisehenry In reply to Try it the other way arou ...

I did what you suggested before reading any of this. My notebook is toast (puffs of smoke) and I removed my harddrive and put it in one of those cases that makes it an external drive. I moved the jumpers and got it working. However, it won't let me access the Documents and Settings\DJH (my logon). This user was password name was protected (I have the password) and can't figure out how to access the data to move it to a new hard drive...

HELLLLLLLLLLLLP! Compaq support was useless...

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Protected Data

by m.dupont In reply to But what about password p ...

With Bartpe i have always manage to get back data even when it was protected (in Docs and settings in xp pro).
Make sure you build BartPe using XP pro.

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Bartpe or Reatogo

by m.dupont In reply to Laptop Hard Drive died

You could use a Boot Disk like BartPEbuilder
or Reatgo. They will boot an ntfs based system.

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The problem with this suggestion

by NickNielsen In reply to Bartpe or Reatogo

is you must have built the boot disk before your system crashed...

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by m.dupont In reply to The problem with this sug ...

Maybe he is has a laptop,he may also have another computer. Maybe is friend has a computer one too and I bet since he is a student that is most likely.
Or prehaps is a using another computer to post a message here about his hard drive failing.

No malice intended! :)

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Use a Live Linux CD

by NickNielsen In reply to Laptop Hard Drive died

like PCLinux OS. I had the same problem with my hard drive, booted with the live CD and was able to recover not only my data files, but my email, browser, and other profiles as well.

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Message has been deleted.

by windows_heretic In reply to Laptop Hard Drive died

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