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Laptop hardware durability

By slcartwright ·
I use my laptop exclusively on a daily basis, as I have no desktop pc. I use a laptop because my job is as a consultant where I must travel frequently. I have just begun my fourth year of owning my laptop. During the third year, the keyboard had to be replaced (control key problems) and the monitor began displaying a permanent line across the screen. Both of these problems where replaced under my warranty. However, now my warranty is out and they are both showing up again.

The question I have is - are keyboard and display problems common in laptops that are 3+ years old? The service guy (who was not an employee of the manufacturer) told me that keyboards frequently need replacing in laptops. Do you find these issues to be a common problem across all laptops? Or have you heard if it is common in certain brands?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

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Road Warriors, not!

by vegatecgroup In reply to Laptop hardware durabilit ...

I have found that generally speaking laptops that are moved a lot have the most problems. Which is a "Catch 22" since they are supposed to be made to be moved. The laptop industry as a whole still has a terrible reliability record. Nearly 25 percentof all laptops sold need some form of repair within their warranty period. Probably the most reliable laptops that I have seen are the Panasonic "Tough Books" and there is a much smaller company that makes laptops for police cars, fire trucks, and other heavy use mobile applications. Jetta also makes some very reliable laptops. The big guys, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, IBM, HP are making laptops very flimsy. Their reasoning is that most people that buy a laptop want it cheap, they only use them around their house or place of business and seldom take them out of those environments.

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Pitty shame

by slcartwright In reply to Road Warriors, not!

Mine is one of those "Big Guys" and boy they couldn't be more wrong. With the number of people I fly with that have laptops, you would think they would make them more durable. I can't tell you how many times I've battled for overhead compartment space to store my laptop.

Thanks for the info on Panasonic, I'll investigate theirs. Smaller companies make me nervous because they are so much more volatile (if you can believe it) than the big ones.

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by vegatecgroup In reply to Pitty shame

Jetta has been around quite a while and so have a few others. They just have decided to seek out a niche rather than try to be a commodity, an everything for everybody type of manufacturer. I wouldn't give you a buck for a new Gateway right now. If they don't stem the tide of red ink soon, they will be history. Gateway is betting its hopes on a 42" plasma, flat screen TV. Good luck, they have it over priced by 2-$300. That same unit is coming from Taiwan, under other name brands, and is sellingfor around $2500. If you got the money and want to sell a few yourself, you can get a 40 foot container load of them for around $2000 each. Buy 5000 plus pieces, they will print the boxes and owners/operating manuals with your name on them.

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