laptop hardware

By Snuffy09 ·
Dell XPS M140

laptop is a hand-me-down from sister-in-law.

needs a few upgrades but its a good little laptop for the living room, anyways...

The only real problem i have is that there is a lot of play in the lid/screen.

You can freely flip the screen back and forth about an inch no matter what the position you have the screen in.

I dont see any logical way to tighten the lid... anybody have any ideas?

thank you

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When this happens

by OH Smeg In reply to laptop hardware

You need to replace the Hinges. I haven't seen Hinge issues for several years as they used to break a lot many years ago, but recently I have seen a couple of different model NB's that are starting to experience these issues again.


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by .Martin. In reply to laptop hardware

where the screen hinges with the base, there will be removable plastic covers. underneath these covers there will be screw, which can be tightened

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thanks guys

by Snuffy09 In reply to laptop hardware

I took the cover panel off and checked the hinge screws, they were already tight.

So i guess i am going to order new ones.


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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg In reply to thanks guys
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don't mention it

by .Martin. In reply to thanks guys

that's what we are here for (it's not like we have anything better to do )

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