laptop hdd in casing shows in one laptop doesnt show on another

By abhishekbhaumick ·
i own a hp laptop dv 2500 series. i recently upgraded my hdd from 160 to 320 gb . i got a sata usb casing for the old 160 hdd the problem im facing is it dertects the drive onmy frends laptop runinng xp but whenever i connect it to my laptop it fails to detect it detected the 160 gb hdd once but now it doesnt show inmy device manager nor the disk management service. whats is the problem cos im certain nothing weog with the hdd as it works fine on my frnds laptop

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Well as it works when connected to another system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop hdd in casing show ...

The most likely thing is that the Power from your HP DV2500 USB Ports is not enough to power this HDD.

If you have 2 USB Plugs on the end of the USB Cable at the computer end you need to plug both of these into Different USB Ports on the computer. These Y Leads have 2 plugs but only one is a Data & Power Plug the one away from the end of the lead. If you look closely at the wire you'll see that it is thiner to the second USB Plug and this is because it is a Power Only Plug.

Modern NB's no longer stick to the USB Standard that Apple set when they designed USB Ports which is 500 Milliamps at 5 V DC. Many newer NB's supply considerably less than this 500 Milliamps at the rated 5 V DC so you need to use either 2 USB Sockets on the computer or plug in a powered USB Hub or finally if the enclosure supports this option use a Plug Pack to supply the necessary power to the HDD. Some 2.5 Inch Cases used to have a Power Lead that plugged into a PS2 Port for extra Power to drive the HDD but this can be replaced with a 750 Milliamp Plug Pack that plugs into the Mains to supply the power required.

Your problem here will be all about the available Power from the USB Ports and this will be less than the Standard 500 Milliamps to extend the battery life of the NB when run on battery.

edited to add Do not continue to attempt to use this enclosure and HDD with your NB as the lower Power will cause the HDD in the enclosure to fail. If you can use 2 USB Sockets on the computer through a Y Cable that's fine but if that doesn't work do not use this drive hoping that it will work without either plugging it into a Powered USB Hub or using a Power Pack with it.

Another thing that it can be if you are using a newer OS than what came with the computer is that the Old HDD was formatted with an early version of XP which is not compatible with either Vista or 7 New Improved Security. But if that was the case here it would still appear in Drive Management but only as a RAW Drive that requires Partitioning.

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Disk Manager?

by oldbaritone In reply to laptop hdd in casing show ...

Check disk manager, and maybe reload the driver for the box.

If the drive comes up again, try assigning it a permanent letter instead of "Next Available" so it will always mount in the same place.

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by abhishekbhaumick In reply to laptop hdd in casing show ...

its working fine onmy frnds dell laptop which happens to be an older the funny thing is it was working once in my laptop now suddenly its stopped working but it still workn on other laptops is there someway to fix it? even when i plug both the cable in my NB its nt workin . plugging just one cable in my frnds NB makes it work . arrgghh.

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Delete the device

by oldbaritone In reply to puzzled

in Hardware, then let it reinstall when you plug in the USB again.

I have had the same kind of problem with iPod driver, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Deleting the device and letting it reinstall automatically has usually fixed the iPod, might work for the ext HDD too.

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It's still to do with the Voltage

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to puzzled

Produced by your NB's USB Ports. No way around this and the more that you plug it into the Underpowered USB Ports on your NB the more likely that you will do permanent damage tot he HDD or corrupt the Partition Information making the Disc unreadable.


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