laptop hdd,not visible after blue screen

By mylo55 ·
my laptop had a blue screen shutdown and now the hdd is not's a sata hdd.i placed it in a usb sata docking station and hooked it up to my pc but it does not register.the layer disks and wiper are not frozen so i suspect a power fault.i need to retrieve some course data,can i switch the layers to another working enclosure or try any thing of that nature.
i have some background in the mechanics of computing but i dont know if this is an option.p/s had it backed up to disk until two months ago.all ideas welcommed,thank you.

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Well here it all depends on How Important the Data is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop hdd,not visible af ...

If it's vital that you recover the data I would advise you to pack up the drive and send it to a Data Recovery Specialist who can work with Dead HDD's.

If you mess with it now you will increase the costs involved to recover the Data and make it far less likely to have a successful recovery into the bargain.

But depending on what type of SATA External Adapter you used it may be something as simple as a lack of power to power the drive. If your External Docking Station didn't have it's own Power Adapter you should use a USB Lead with 2 USB Sockets that connect to the computer end. You need to plug these 2 sockets directly into the computer and into different USB Ports.

These Y leads have 2 USB Plugs on them but only 1 has a Power & Data Connection in it the other is just a Power Connection so if you used the USB Plug at the end of the lead away from the HDD that is the Power Plug and it's not going to work, you need both USB Plugs plugged into different USB Ports to get enough power to run the HDD.

Ideally you should use a USB Adapter with it's own Power Adapter as then you are not limiting yourself to whatever power is available from the USB Sockets. The Standard calls for 500 Milliwatts to be at each USB Port and most HDD require more than this so there are 2 USB Plugs.

If you are unable to plug both of these plugs into different USB Ports or your Adapter only came with a USB A to Mini Lead you need to plug it into a Powered USB Hub to get enough power to run the drive but even with a good Powered USB Hub the results are likely to be marginal. If that is what you have got get another USB Adapter like the one here

These have their own Power Supply and will power all drive types.

If that doesn't work you are stuck with a Data Recovery Specialist. :)

While it is sometimes possible to exchange the Circuit Board on a HDD you would need exactly the same Make & Model HDD to remove the Circuit Board from and these are not all that commonly available. If you use the same make & Model but a different version/production run you are likely to destroy the Circuit Board and render both HDD unusable.

As far as opening the HDD you need to do this in either a Class 1 Clean Room or a Lama Flow Cabinet filtered to under 1 Micron to prevent contamination of the internals of the HDD which will render it useless and the data permanently lost no matter how much money you are prepared to throw at it to attempt a recovery.


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dead hdd

by mylo55 In reply to Well here it all depends ...

thank you for your reply.
the docking station is externally powered but no joy.
there are four pins on rear of hdd,i have since learned these pins are jumper config pins and one setting is a low power up.
the hdd is a western digital 250G scorpio blue. i am waiting for e-mail reply from WD just to be sure,but they said 4 days.
the data is not worth paying for but the
knowledge is priceless.
again thanks
have a peaceful life

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