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By asredas ·
Hi i formatted the hard drive on my laptop as the os on it had been wrecked by the former owner and was unusable (kept getting windows explorer errors and then all i could see was the wallpaper nothing else). I then started to install windows xp from my disc but only got part way through as my disc must have been damaged as it couldnt find some of the files it needed. Since then i have created a new bootable xp setup disc via my pc on a new disc but the laptop doesnt recognise it and says no bootable disc is in the drive, now i know the disc works as i tried it in my pc but the laptop just doesnt accept this or the previous disc. Do you have any ideas why this would happen and what i can do to finally install xp on it? any help greatly appreciated

ps i have changed the boot sequence to cd rom first
and no it doesnt have a floppy drive

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by asredas In reply to laptop help

anyone any ideas i've posted around the internet but no-one seems to have any idea what to do or has not replied. Its really getting to me that i cant do it, as its the first time i havent been able to sort a pc/laptop out.

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The Brand/Model of the NB would help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to laptop help

That way it would be possible to tell why the Install failed as you may require some special Drivers that are not available on the Windows Install CD.

If you want to make your own Slipstreamed Install CD you can do so by following the directions here


You can try using the Ultimate Boot CD to wipe the HDD and then see if any of your XP Install Disc's are picked up by your NB's Hardware. The Ultimate Boot CD is available from here



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yeh sorry

by asredas In reply to The Brand/Model of the NB ...

forgot to mention make and model, its a toshiba a60 equium series.

already made a slipstreamed windows install cd offa my own desktop, also have an official windows xp cd and tried a linux install cd. None of them are recognised, and i know they work as i have tested them on my desktop via changing the boot sequence not just popping them in when windows is running. Thing is the notebook only stopped recognising them after the failed intstall i had, which was after i had formatted the hdd and created a new partition.

i'll give the ult boot cd a go and see what happens.

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mine's smaller.

by TheVirtualOne In reply to The Brand/Model of the NB ...
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yes but

by asredas In reply to mine's smaller.

i've made my own slipstreamed xp cd, but it isnt the problem im having. The problem is the fact that my cd drive, which i know works when there is an operating system on the laptop, keeps coming back with the nessage no bootable cd in atapi cd rom. Even though i know the cd's i have tried are all bootable and all work fine minus the one that failed during my reinstall that led to all these problems.

oh and it wouldnt read the ultimate boot cd i just made, my desktop does but the laptop wont.

so unless anyone knows why my cd-rom keeps doing this when it worked before my install failed. can anyone guide me through a network install as there is no floppy drive and it wont boot from usb either.

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it won't work.

by TheVirtualOne In reply to yes but

you probably don't have a network card that allows that either.

unless you can see it searching for something when you try to boot it up.

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Sounds as if the Optical Drive is shot or you are using Media

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to yes but

That it can not read. If the install failed part way through it is possible that the Drive that you where installing from failed.

Even if the Disc is readable it doesn't mean that the Drive is working properly or that it can read that media that you used to make the Slipstreamed Install CD or the Ultimate Boot CD. If all your Cd's are not readable I would first try 1 Disc of different Brand Blank and if that doesn't work look at replacing the Optical Drive as not having an OS installed Can Not stop the Optical Drive from reading the Recorded CD that is in the drive. Just make sure that you have not done as one of my customers did this week and burnt to a DVD and then fitted the DVD to a CD Drive. That wasn't much fun to work out what had happened.

The only other possibility here is to attempt a Network Install from your desktop if your NB supports this option, or try an External USB Optical Drive.


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by asredas In reply to Sounds as if the Optical ...

cheers to all who replied your comments are much appreciated.

right i'll let you know where i stand now.

Tried x amount of different discs all of which are cd's and are bootable (checked on my desktop) none worked so came to the conclusion that must be cd-rom which is caput (threw one out last week as well as i thought i had no use for it!:(), which wouldnt be a problem as all i was going to use the laptop for is surfing the net and other non cd or dvd related tasks.

Network install is a solution as the bios supports network booting, so i went to great lengths to find out how to set it up and do it. Which I have succeded in doing.

If anyone else is interested in setting up a network install see link for how to.


So as it stands now i can install xp over my network and finally get the laptop working, Well that was until the battery went flat and now wont charge!!!!!!!

One day i will get there hopefully!!!

Thanks again for your replies and i think i will visit this site more often as i have learnt a few things in my short time here.

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