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Laptop is noisy

By hiltont ·
I have a compaq business laptop, and when I use it it for a long period of time it starts sounding like a jet is taking off.

Any Ideas to control this?

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by creative_action In reply to Laptop is noisy

hi ther this means tht ur laptop fan is producing alot of noise when it get hot ther r different ways but try to check in bios setting abt cpu fans stuff which options it gives to u try them n see if it works otherwise its the way company built it to control temperature inside it other wise check its details in da net abt its fans speed stuffs tcz @ nomz

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by JamesRL In reply to Laptop is noisy

If you are handy, try opening up the laptop and cleaning any dust off the circuit board, especially the process, and in the fan itself. Dust can accumulate and actually insulate components, raising the operating temperature and making the fan come on more often.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop is noisy

Something else to look at as well.

Make sure that the bottom of the NB isn't sitting directly on something that can block the air flow to the CPU Fan.

On quite a few occasions I've seen the CPU Fans being blocked by pieces of material or other things on a desktop and the fan has to run much harder to suck in enough air to try to keep the CPU cool.

There can also be a build up of dust and other crud on the fan guards which constantly require cleaning so if you shut it down close it up and flip it over you can see if there is anything there causing the problem like a blocked fan or some missing feet.

There is a USB attachment that goes under any NB and had a Fan in it allowing a free flow of air around the base of the NB and these tend to keep things a bit quieter.


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by mjd420nova In reply to Laptop is noisy

Double check the fan, often they get very dirty
and will make a rumbling noise after the fan
bearings fail, lock up and can make all manner of
noises from low rumbles to high pitch screams.
Try cleaning the fan and lubricate the bearings.
It could even be the hard drive making pre-
failure songs, but you'd have noticed a change
in performance or even lockups.

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