Laptop is working in safe mode, need it to work in normal mode. HELP!!

By angelarandle1 ·
A friend needed to use my laptop. When she returned it to me, it is now working in safe mode. When I went to System Restore and uncheck the box that stated: Turn off System Restore, it said System Restore cannot be enabled in Safe Mode. Please restart you machine in normal mode and try again. But I can't restart it in normal mode. PLEASE HELP ME!!

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I am assuming it is XP

by Pringles86 In reply to Laptop is working in safe ...

Ok, I am assuming you are running Windows XP. First thing I would try would be putting the XP CD in there and booting from it. When you are booted into the CD continue through until you reach the SECOND repair option. And select to repair your Windows partition.

Other people may do things differently, but this would be a good thing to start with for the information you have provided.

If you need more clarification on how to get to the second repair option, just let me know.

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Last Known Good Configuration

by joel.gerstenmier In reply to Laptop is working in safe ...

Have you tried using F8 on bootup to get to the XP boot menu options and use the "Last Known Good Configuration" choice?

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never borrow your laptop and your boyfriend ...and car

by operator1 In reply to Laptop is working in safe ...

if last known configuration option doesnt work
go back to safe mode go to start->run and type
go to boot.ini tab and make sure that "/safeboot" option is cleared.if not clear it and restart.

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And if none of the above work try this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to never borrow your laptop ...

To save any encryption Key that may have been put in place

Then this to get access to your data

Then backup everything as you don't know what's been done here treat it as the worst possible scenario and work from that point on you can get a happy surprise but the one thing that you don't want is an unhappy outcome where you loose everything.

When you have your data backed up and any encryption key that may be there you can perform what is Called an In Place Install by following the directions here

Or you might like to try this first and try a Registry Fix by following the directions here

But before you do anything make sure that all your data is backed up and is readable before doing anything as it's far cheaper to recover data with a corrupt drive than after you fix the thing up and erase any encryption keys or other protection that has been put in place without your knowledge.

As they say there are 3 things that you never loan out your Wife your Computer and your Car and not necessarily in that order.


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