Laptop keeps freezing when I run video games

By NijinSky ·
My current laptop I play video games on freezes up whenever I try to run something like Valorant. I have tried everything to the extent of my knowledge on what could be causing this. When I first got the laptop, it ran every game just fine, up until a couple of days ago. I have tried running Valorant through the 'run as administrator' tab, I checked if there was a problem with the GPU, CPU, or Memory, but ended up with nothing that stood out. I have also tried turning off ThrottleStop to see what happens, but still got nothing. I know my graphics card is up to date and so is the laptop system itself and the battery is running just fine. I did check out the ram to see if that was alright as well, and it was. If there is someone out there that could help me, it would help me out a lot.
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Check these aspects of your PC

by diskoontha In reply to Laptop keeps freezing whe ...

Did you tried to plat game while having lowering in game setting. Try it. You can also clean temp folder and lastly increase your size of memory. As you already told that your CPU and GPU are alright but you didn't mentioned any temp readings. check your PC temp is it normal.. Link removed by moderator

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